• jack posted:

    So many people in our society are spending their time and energy doing things that add nothing of value to the community. Meanwhile, our infrastructure is crumbling, we have a housing crisis, a healthcare crisis, and plenty of potential useful jobs to go around, if only we had a government that wasn't too corrupt to make those jobs a reality.

    Here's a quote from Peter Frase's 2016 Four Futures: Life After Capitalism: "Our current society is filled with work that doesn't add anything to human flourishing and exists only to enrich someone else's bottom line—things like the collection of student loans (which would not exist if education were free) and many big-bank positions that facilitate dangerous and destabilizing speculation."

    A friend of mine graduated from CSU with a math degree and found a comfortable job at the telecom corporation Century Link. She, however, feels that her job is meaningless and unnecessary, leaving her depressed and unfulfilled. I like to imagine a future where she can use her math and analytical skills to help plan the distribution of resources to build and maintain things that our society actually needs. Meanwhile, she's stuck crunching numbers for a soulless corporation, contributing nothing of real value to the world.

  • jack posted:
    Ballot InitiativeMy Vote
    Amendment BYes
    Amendment CYes
    Amendment 76No
    Amendment 77Yes
    Proposition EEYes
    Proposition 113Yes
    Proposition 114Yes
    Proposition 115No
    Proposition 116No
    Proposition 117No
    Proposition 118Yes