Questions for ASCSU Candidates

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Title Questions for ASCSU Candidates

What do we want to ask candidates for ASCSU leadership?

Voting Begins Saturday, Sep. 5, 2020 at 5:40PM
Voting Ends Thursday, Sep. 10, 2020 at 5:40PM
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Parking 4

The age-old question for ASCSU candidates: what are you going to do about expensive parking?

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Main Platform 4

What specific plans do you have for your time in office? What differentiates you from your opponents?

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Transparency 3

Under the Amundson Administration, there were allegations of misuse of student fees to visit TPUSA conferences, along with visiting other school’s TPUSA chapters for political discussion. What will your administration do to increase transparency and remain apolitical while in office?

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Race and Bias 3

Recently, CSU has had a real problem with racially motivated hate incidents on campus. What will you do to prevent these, and how will you handle them if they do happen?

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Personal Agenda & Backroom Deals 3

Do you think ASCSU, specifically in the Senate, has a problem with backroom deals being made and people working to further their own careers and interests rather than representing what their constituents actually want? 

How can this be prevented or reduced?

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Taking a Stand 3

Are you willing to take a stand on something important, like CSU's partnerships with fossil fuel corporations, even if it means disagreeing with and confronting the administration?

Fossil Free CSU Petition

Coloradoan Article

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All across the country, and on CSU’s campus, we have seen hundreds of protests in support of BLM, and against racial injustice. Do you support the BLM movement? If so, how can you use your office to benefit students of color at CSU?

No πŸ‘Ž Meh Yes πŸ‘
Connection with Students 1

A lot of CSU students don't know what ASCSU is, who their representatives are, or what they do. Do you have any plans to increase ASCSU's connection to its constituents?

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Slaughterhouse on campus -2

CSU is known for cutting edge research in many areas that will help humanity. But CSU has a partnership with JBS, one of the largest meat producers in the world. We are learning that animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change and with racism being a hot issue can we treat all species better? What is your stance on 1 JBS getting free trained students? 2, teaching students how to more efficiently abuse animals? 

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